Welcome to Neagle Choice!

We’re a ingenuitive and fast-paced team that love what we do. You’ll find us to be among the best in quality made products and customer service.

Here's What we can do:

Commercial Sewing

So you have a product you would like to have manufactured or assembled here in the United States rather than overseas... we can manufacture it for you from concept to production.

Decorated Products

Looking to add your logo or some ‘character’ to a product or an item to promote your own business or you think would do great in the promotional market-place? We can do dye-sublimation, embroidery, screen printing, laser engraving, and vinyl embellishing to promote your school, business or event. Get your message out!

Cutting Services

Have fabric, leather, rubber or even plastic sheets that need cut? Contact us. We can die cut, CNC cut, laser cut, or cut to length with our narrow goods cutting machines

Commerical Sewing

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